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Company Profile

Powerful recruiting and flexible personnel management


Liebwein provides companies with efficient staffing solutions for strategic HR. Our capabilities include the provision and management of temporary resources, as well as the recruitment of professionals and executives for permanent employment. We are career advisors for candidates and offer access to attractive career opportunities and project proposals.

In our competencies Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Customer Care, Office Administration and Information Technology we run more than 5,000 specialist interviews and currently have a resource pool of over 40,000 skilled professionals and specialists.

We set the highest standards of quality in our services. We rely on a smooth and precise handling of a project, individual customer service and a fair price-performance ratio.

Our consultants specialize in specific business areas. They have a solid education and professional experience and are competent partners at all levels. With the help of a high-quality and efficient process, the consultants identify and select the most suitable candidates according to the requirements. Therefore they pay attention to personal and professional fit.


The "human factor"
Liebwein: Why? Because we simply give more effort.

As an owner-managed company, we grow wisely. Short-term profit goals are not important, but sustainability and responsibility. These values, Liebwein has reflected from the start when dealing with customers, employees and business partners.

You will find that we are a reliable partner, who brings people together, efficiently and appropriately, with commitment, professionalism and ethics. We also put emphasis on that "good chemistry"! These are the reasons why our clients work with us long term and successfully.

The People Behind
Melanie-Liebwein Melanie Liebwein,

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